Use the Seed Library

It's simple to borrow seeds from the library, just come to one of our branches and follow a simple process:
1 - Look through our seed collection and choose the seeds you want to plant
2 - Take a pinch of seeds or what you need and put in an envelop we provide
3 - Fill out the information about the plant on top of the envelop:
4 - Fill out the 'Check out Form', so that we know what you borrowed. (you can do this at the library or from a home computer).
That's It, now you have the seeds and are ready to plant them in your garden.  Some growing suggestions can be provided by the following resources:
To learn seed saving techniques, we'll be offering classes soon, but in the meantime, we're including a book you can browse through or borrow from the SF Public Library: Seed to Seed.
RETURNING (or donating) SEEDS:
1 - Place the seeds you collected in the envelop we provide with the seeds and fill in all the information on the envelop:
2 - Leave the envelop in the 'Returned Seeds' area at the Seed Library Branch.
3 - Fill out the 'Return Form'
Our Seed Library Steward sorts through all of our donated seeds and organizes them for check out by other members.