Safe Online Shopping: How ToKnow Your Rights

Whether you shops online or from a store, it is important that you know what your rights are as a consumer.

Internet shopping is not free from frauds and more often than not consumers find themselves trapped in the internet shopping frauds. There could be cases where the consumer would get into a dispute with the online store. The issues that mostly arise relate to the cost of returning a product, any unfair charges on the purchased product and complaints related to the product quality. In such cases to win the argument, it is important that as a consumer you be informed about your rights. Here go to LuxTime learns what your rights are.

Sale of goods act

The sale of goods act covers the products that are purchased which could be either online or offline. The trader is bound to honor the contract. The seller should sell the product that is of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose. Else you could ask for a replacement or a repair from the seller for the product. If the seller is unable to provide the above then the consumer will get back the complete amount of the product.

The seller and not the manufacturer are responsible for a faulty item that is sent to him. The purchaser can ask for money back within some specific time period. However, if the purchaser has been told of the faults by the seller before the item was purchased then in that case the consumer cannot claim a refund. This is because the seller was transparent of the faults in the product before he sold it.

Online Purchases

The seller needs to give a clear description of the product when he is selling the product online. The consumer also has a deadline before which they can exchange or return the product in case the product does not meet their requirements.

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